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Ok. so yeah. I do a lot with writing and editing videos. That's kinda my thing.. Kinda what I want to do with my life. Testing it out right now. We'll see how it goes..

WOAH, THIS IS A THING. And I do apologize for never, ever, /ever/ updating ya'll with a journal or something. SINCE, it has been an entire half a year since I updated with an entry, let's have another summary shall we?

2. Also had the worst semester of my life, but still above average for the normal person at that same time. Case and point, I still made Dean's List this Semester... #fourpeat 
3. I got a fucking B+ in TV. And when I protested the grade, my Prof says it was because I wasn't a strong enough leader. Well. EXCUSE ME SIR, BUT. I am not only doing TV, but also doing the whole Station Manager thing still at the radio station. WHATEVER. 
4. WENT TO NEW YORK!!!! A good amount of communication students went to New York and toured a bunch of awesome places, I got to go to WFAN, Sirius XM, and Sesame Workshop!! Some of the other locations that other people went to were, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Monologue rehearsal), The Met Paint Shop, The Museum of the Moving Image, Public Relations Society of America, Ground Zero, A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder and a ton of other awesome places!! I also got addicted to coffee there.
5. I am now a coffee drinker. Damn you starbucks and dunkin. Mostly dunkin. #boston4lyfeeeee
6. I have a new boyfriend.. : 3
7. On average last semester there was only about one meltdown per week. Sometimes more depending on where I was and who was around. 
8. Hosted the dance team performance, i did music and was emcee, since I couldn't actually dance in it. 
9. Got into the Walking Dead comics finally. And welll. Then. They be a party. Currently I just finished when the Prison fell, aka Volume 8 I believe. 
10. I got my summer job back. Which is, fun. #cashieringftw 
11. Going back up to school a lot this summer to do radio things. 
12. AHHHH!!!! I WENT TO PAX EAST!!!!!! In April! Actually, the day before I was in New York, and then went to PAX the next day. ---- PAX WAS MY FIRST CON EVER!!!!!!! I didn't cosplay because I was like, * whut * I wore my Woodbury, Georgia tourist shirt. And it was amazing. I got so many free things. And bought so many things. aka, a vaas shirt, and an ellis shirt & hat. The only reason I got to go to PAX in the first place was because my school got passes in order to observe there so we can build up our video game studies program at school. (yeah that's a thing!) And the Prof in charge of the program knows me well, and knows I do videos and stuff, and asked me to go! SO I GOT TO GO, FO FREE. 
13. In other news. I got a "P" in my literature class... which means I passed the class, but got less than a B-... (It's an option at my school pass/fail, fill out the form, you pick a grade, if you get lower than that and pass, you get the P, if it's higher than the grade, you get that grade and nothing changes. If you fail. You fail. BUT THE BEAUTY OF THE P, it doesn't count to your GPA. Which is good..) #3.75strong
14. Speaking of strong. It's been a year since the Boston Marathon Bombings. And we all tried going into Boston on the anniversary but we were all too busy. 
15. We were all very busy this semester.
16. I applied for a fall internship. Hopefully I get it. Otherwise I'm screwed and I'm gonna live in a box after graduation. 
17. Speaking of an income, I'm squandering it all on cosplay items and conventions this summer. *sigh* my life. 
HARTFORD COMIC CON, next week! Saturday only for me!
        - I'm gonna be FEM!DARYL DIXON!! (Big surprise), Except it'll be more than just me half-assing it every day with the vest. So. I'm excited. Gonna be there with a bunch of amigos too!!!  If you're going, LEMME KNOW! LET'S STEP OUT. LET'S HAVE A DRINK. THERE'S NO DOUBT THIS SHIP WON'T SINK. Wait what. (I'm sorry, that was my favorite quote from my musical senior year, Anything Goes

WALKER-STALKER CON BOSTON, Saturday only, again. 
    - NO IDEA who I'm gonna cosplay yet... We'll get there when we get there. It's obviously gonna be a ton of TWD cosplayers.. so.. I don't know yet. I'm so excited like, agbeioar;gnemwkhjh. Even though Norman canceled.. It's still the Fucking Walking Dead. AND the fucking Boondock Saints. I'm gonna meet Flanery. I'm gonna scream. Scream. 

... the ones in the area obv. So, ConnectiCon, ComiCONN, CT Horror Fest, Boston Comic Con. Probably gonna be two of those, donno which ones yet. Donno who I'm gonna be but ay. We'll get there when we get there. 

IS THAT IT>! IS THAT IT!>>>!!!!!??!! I think so. 

Kay bye, 
  • Mood: Excited
  • Listening to: The Walker- Fitz & The Tantrums
  • Reading: The Walking Dead-Comics
  • Watching: Supernatural/Revolution
  • Drinking: ORANGE SODA.

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